70 Year Old Uncle Cutting Down Coconuts For Us From His Back Yard in Vietnam

IMG_3335My husband Steve went to Vietnam with me this year (2014). It was only his second time and the first time was 15 years ago. We were visiting some of my family south of Ho Chi Minh City what is known as the Delta Area. One day we were at my Aunt’s house and Steve wanted to go visit my uncle who only lived about a 10 minute walk away. My uncle’s house is tucked away off the main road and in this area there are mostly Cambodian people. My uncle is a former ARVN soldier from the Vietnam / American War. He is such a gentle good natured spirit. His wife is a hoot. She is always laughing and joking around. On my first trip back to Vietnam in 2o some years with my parents and sister (18 years ago), this uncle pulled out half of his American dollar that he and my father split in half when my parents left Vietnam the first time during the war. Unfortunately my father lost his! My uncle and his wife (mom’s second oldest sister) did not have a lot of possessions after the war, but amazingly he managed to save that half of an American dollar all these years.

Steve had a taste for a coconut so my uncle went to work in his backyard to get us some from his tree as you will see in the video clip below. While my uncle is chopping up the coconut it could make you cringe seeing how close his thumb was at times. However, no sweat! He has done this for years. On a previous trip, I’ve witnessed my uncle in his early 70’s climb up the trees for the coconuts.

It was great to see my husband make a genuine connection with my relatives once again. Steve didn’t even recognize the main provincial city. It has changed so much from 15 years ago, such as all of Vietnam. Living simply, being in the moment, authentic connections. Steve has already talked about going back………..and soon!

More pictures and reflections coming from our trip, including our meeting up with my parents and sister in Vietnam. It was only my parent’s second time back to Vietnam since the first trip 18 years ago. Check out clip below.

4 thoughts on “70 year old Uncle cutting down coconuts for us from his back yard in Vietnam

  1. Thank you for your posts Thuy. I love fresh coconut water, especially from the Mekong Delta. My wife, (also named Thuy), and I have visited Viet Nam often in the last few years, mainly in Long Xuyen where her parents live. Thuy’s grandparents had a farm a few kilometers from Long Xuyen where they grew coconuts and other fruit trees. I enjoyed seeing Steve drinking water fresh from the coconut…nothing like it. Thuy’s uncle did the same for me. So much has changed recently in Viet Nam, even in Long Xuyen. I first visited this capital city of An Giang Province in 1991. I could barely recognize it on my last visit in 2013. And Saigon bears almost no resemblance to the Saigon I knew in 1967. This was my first visit to your website…it won’t be the last. Thanks for the memories.

    1. Hi Paul, Thanks for sharing with me. Wow your wife is named Thuy too! I am glad you were able to return to Vietnam and enjoyed yourself. Would you be interested in possible writing a guest post on your experience? If so, please email on my website at tsio.org through the contact us tab / form. We can talk more about it there. Thanks again for stopping back and your comments. Yes, please continue to come back and visit us. 🙂

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