Why do we need a Black American History Month?

Black History Month is an opportunity to educate the public about the true experiences of black America in its entirety. Some have asked, “but what about a white American history month?”

American history has been predominately about white history. It has always been taught to us 12 months in a year. American history only teaches about white Americans, their experiences, and their perspectives. Through the years our history books claim how white Europeans discovered this land and turned it into the great country that it is today. However, history books used in our schools for many generations have painted a very different picture from what actually took place for the people of color in our country. (Future examples coming)

During Black History month we not only want to highlight the unfortunate parts of our history we need to learn from, but also about the contributions all of our Americans have made.

Black History Month is a time to highlight positive images of black Americans rather than the stereotypes and myths that are presented and perpetuated throughout the media. It is a month to educate white and other Americans not only about the struggles and injustices, but the leadership and contributions of black Americans. This month is to honor those who have carried the cross and paved the way toward making change not only for blacks, but other minority Americans in our country.

There are many black inventors and inventions, pioneers in various fields, artists of various genres, that most of America have never even heard about and our history books have left out. This month is a time to introduce, highlight, and honor them and their contributions.

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On Biography.com, learn more about Carter G. Woodson, the African-American historian whose work established Black History Month.
Carter G. Woodson, the African-American historian whose work established Black History Month. Via: biography.com Click image to learn more about him.

Other Images from History:

Black family vacations in the 1950s: An untold story
Black family vacations in the 1950s: An untold story. Via: new.byu.edu
In 1917, five years after its inception, the first troop of African American girls was formed. This photo, taken in the late 1930s, is of the first African-American troop in the Dixie Region, which covered the Southern states. Source: Girlscouts.org
In honor of the the 100th anniversary of the Girl Scouts, we’re highlighting the history of black girls and women in the organization. Via: MadameNoire
Rosie the Riveter, African American style
Rosie the Riveter, African American style. Via: flickr.com
Mother and Daughters 1940s
Vintage photo (1940s) Beautiful picture of mother and her daughters. Via: Flickr (discover black heritage)
Black Dads Photo Of The Day
Beautiful photo of Father and Daughter Via: mokmakell.wordpress.com
Like father like son! Via: explosion.com

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