Vietnamese Cooking Segment

In this clip, we forget to add our Rice-stick noodles into the spring roll! So don’t do what we did, remember to put the noodles in as well!

Also, we made the meal to serve 10 people and a little more on the bland side. You can add onions and garlic, or even more fish sauce for a desired taste. Enjoy!

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My husband and young Vietnamese girl breaking barriers

One year my husband traveled with me on one of my return trips to Vietnam. He met my family and fell in love with this nine-year old girl. She was the daughter of one of my cousins. Steve calls her the most grown up nine-year old he ever met. She had a very sweet and tender spirit.

For the two weeks we were visiting my family, the two of them would get up every morning and walk hand in hand. My husband would point to things and speak in English. She in turn would point to things and speak in Vietnamese. My husband knew maybe a couple of words in Vietnamese and she didn’t know any English. However, that didn’t stop the two of them.  They continued their ritual of the morning walk every single day we were there. Language of love transcends any “barriers”.

Former Vietnamese Refugee- surviving long uncertain travel, pirates, and refugee camps to new life of hope

Vietnamese woman, former boat person, one of many, tells about her family’s journey to the United States. Phuong and her family have volunteered for my organization to help remember and honor Vietnam Era veterans and to assist me with my work with Amerasians.

When reflecting with Phuong, some of the views, customs, and experiences we refer to are of our parents and their generation. I grew up with some of the culture because of my mother, but we were the only Vietnamese, let alone Asians in our area and of course I had my American father I grew up with. I later in my adult years took up the custom of having a family shrine for my grandparents as a personal act of respect. Many Vietnamese do practice some of these customs mentioned in the clip, but there are a lot of changes in the family system today. I personally like some of the old along with the new.

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Cambodian beauty to actually represent Vietnam!

Miss cambodiaMay was born in Phnom Penh in Cambodia in 1988. Her parents are Khmer-Vietnamese. She grew up in the Mekong Delta province and this is the region where most of Khmer population of Vietnam resides. May will be representing Vietnam in the 2013 Miss Universe Pageant.

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