Children of Asian Immigrants Share About the Sacrifices of Their Parents

parentsvncanthoWith Father’s Day coming up, I am not only thankful for the sacrifices my Asian mother made, but to my American born (caucasian) father who returned to Vietnam for my mother and me after his time in the American War in Vietnam. From the racism I experienced from others, I had to learn how to work through my own internalized racism. Today, I am no longer ashamed, but proud of my Asian Heritage and I am most definitely proud of my Asian Immigrant mother. She left in the middle of war to follow her heart and the man she loved. She had to leave her parents and all of her family in Vietnam behind.  (My reflection I wrote to my mother below video clip).

Hear more reflections from other children of Asian immigrants about the gratitude for the sacrifices made by their immigrant parents in the video clip below. Some day I will share more of my experience and reflections. 

letter to mom (c)
Reflection I wrote to my mother -Thuy Smith (C) 2015

Great performance in Memory of a young Vietnamese Musican / Artist

In memory of John Nguyen

Born and raised in Chicago, he was proud of his heritage and the place he came from. He attended the University of Wisconsin, Madison. Have heard nothing about praise for John, not just for his music, but his heart and advocacy.

First video is a rap in Vietnamese, second video is a rap he performed in English. Very talented. Check it out!