Psychological lense-Speaking through my camera to my new friends in Vietnam

(Written by Vietnam Veteran who met Amerasians in Vietnam after one of our return trips

 As I zoom lensed my camera into their eyes in my best photography, I saw these thoughts as I independently photographed these asking people: ~Did my dead father die on the battlefields of Vietnam?~Would I be loved by the American people?

~How can I escape the life that I love?

~Will my mother come with me if I leave my homeland?

~How can I be sure these strangers are sincere?

~I do not want to beg for a chance in life, but I am

~Is my God their God?

~I feel hope & happiness.

~Stay strong, don’t let them see fear in my eyes.

I put down my camera, my psychological zoom lens. The photographs forever stay in my mind. We wave, hug, shake hands, say goodbye, but not forever.

Past Practice

The Hmong of America marched through my mind each step of the way. The way to another land after post 1975 is not easy.

amerasians-11Vietnam Veteran meeting Amerasians with Thuy in Vietnam
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Lost Children of Asia- Poem Veteran writes after meeting Amerasians in Vietnam

January 11th, 23:13 (Written by Vietnam Vet after he met Amerasians in Vietnam on one of our return trips)
So I said to my new-found friends when I saw them, “Who are you?”.  
And they say, “I’m not sure”.

So I said to my new friends, “Where are you going?”

And they say,  “I’m not sure”.

So I said to my new friends, “Where have you been?”

And they say, “Looking for you”.

So I said to my new friends, “Is that I that I see in you?”

And they say, “I’m sure”.

So I said to my new friends, “What can I do for you?”

And they say, ‘I’m not sure”.

So I said to my new friends, “You are my family”.

And they said, “yes”.

So I said to my family, “I love you”.

And they said, “I’m not sure”.

Be sure my friends and family I love you. You are my family now & always will be.

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Comedian on Asian acting parts played by white people

One person’s perspective although this view has been expressed by many.

Asian American Actors are frustrated that there are limited roles for them to play. The roles are either stereotypical, about them but without any Asian actors representing their own stories, not enough of their stories being told, or just any type of roles that they can play without having to emphasize what race they are as the comedian gives an example in the clip regarding a famous actress.