Comedian on Asian acting parts played by white people

One person’s perspective although this view has been expressed by many.

Asian American Actors are frustrated that there are limited roles for them to play. The roles are either stereotypical, about them but without any Asian actors representing their own stories, not enough of their stories being told, or just any type of roles that they can play without having to emphasize what race they are as the comedian gives an example in the clip regarding a famous actress.

Young girls who will change their world despite opposition

Young girls who will change their world despite opposition. One brave woman and her team fight against focusing on an all boy school to finally educate their young girls. Amazing, inspiring, learn more about them. We have no idea sometimes……..

Learn more about the organization here

Read article that shows the benefit of educating girls here

When in Cambodia, do as the Cambodians do

cambodian woman elderSampeah Etiquette in Khmer– Lesson from Cambodian children on how to properly greet people as a way of showing respect. While performing the sampeah, the person places his palms together in a prayer-like fashion while bowing slightly. It is similar to the Thai and Indian customs. When in Cambodia, do as the Cambodians do. Although the sampeah is a form of greeting, it is also a common way to say thanks or apologize and is an important part of Khmer culture.  See video below to learn more. (English captions in the video clip)

I am not who you may think I am

Africa_satellite_orthographic Find out more about who they actually are and the one thing they are definitely not. Learn more from video below. Maybe you already know, maybe just need a simple reminder. Maybe it will be the first time you have considered it.

I am reminded of how the secret war in Laos during the Vietnam War, there were young boys also recruited to take up arms. Actual children. The U.S. didn’t seem to have a problem with that although most images on TV, the movies, and the media are about Africa. In all fairness, it was a secret war (Laos) and we “weren’t supposed to over there” so most people were not aware at that time. This is just an example of not only hypocrisy, but the danger of a stereotype. You can learn more about the Secret War here.