The Joy of living, A Cambodian Village Portrait

Stories like these are inspiring. I also like this video because it is the Cambodian people who are taking the lead to make change in their own countries as they are very much capable of doing. I’m sure outside assistance is welcomed and appreciated, but sometimes well meaning foreigners come in without truly listening to the real needs and even wisdom of the people they are trying to help.

Although I also enjoy the shops, restaurants, and parties out when I’m overseas, the villages and country-side are usually my most favorite places to be.

Comedian on Asian acting parts played by white people

One person’s perspective although this view has been expressed by many.

Asian American Actors are frustrated that there are limited roles for them to play. The roles are either stereotypical, about them but without any Asian actors representing their own stories, not enough of their stories being told, or just any type of roles that they can play without having to emphasize what race they are as the comedian gives an example in the clip regarding a famous actress.

Young girls who will change their world despite opposition

Young girls who will change their world despite opposition. One brave woman and her team fight against focusing on an all boy school to finally educate their young girls. Amazing, inspiring, learn more about them. We have no idea sometimes……..

Learn more about the organization here

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