What child doesn’t want to know their father? Powerful reunion.

Amerasian is a term coined during the war in Vietnam. It was a term to identify children of American soldiers who fought during the war and the Vietnamese mothers. In this powerful reunion, it is an American that reunites with his Filipino Amerasian Daughter. What child doesn’t want to know their father?

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May we never look away

societys punishments

May we never look away today…….any form of inequality, racism, or discrimination big or small, subtle or blatant, is wrong. Take time to learn of others experiences. Do not minimize them, dismiss them, but just listen and learn. Do not be defensive, do not make excuses. Just acknowledge. Doing anything but this is what actually adds to the initial wound.

Saturday, August 17, 2013, to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the famed march on Washington D.C. in 1963. The march ended with a rally at Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Park.