Artist that Empowers and Celebrates Women and Diversity through her Art

Christi Brittain has always been interested in art since she was a young girl. Her first exposure and lesson was at a summer camp when she was around eight years old. She watched a camp counselor draw a portrait of a woman and was really intrigued.  She started drawing black and white images all the way through high school and then on to college.

Seven years ago Christi decided to try painting. Other than taking an art class in high school and a pottery class in college, she had never taken a painting class.  ​Drawing came much easier for her than painting in the beginning. It took some time for her to be able to paint what she was actually envisioning in her mind. As with anything, through time and trial and error, her painting continued to improve. Her painting has now become as natural as her drawing skills.

With the support and encouragement of her mother, husband and friends, Christi finally decided to move forward to share her art with others and formed her business called-‘Freckles N Toes’.

(Learn more of her story in the video interview here)

In the interview, Christi talks about self-care, advocacy & empowerment, lessons learned and about her art and process.

A shining star guided a fishing boat with Vietnamese refugees to safety, and ultimately led to a new dream

In1988, a shining star guided a fishing boat with Vietnamese refugees to safety, and ultimately led to a new dream.

Phuoc Nguyen and his family was one of several families who survived a dangerous escape attempt from Vietnam on a fishing boat. Phuoc was only 13 at the time when he fled Saigon, now known as Ho Chi Minh City, with his single mother and five siblings. Prior to boarding the fishing boat, children were not told the purpose of the trip and how it would change their lives forever. Along the way, the children learned the purpose of their journey. Hearing conversations of other refugees not surviving their escape and encountering pirates, the reality of the situation set in.

After several days of navigating through Vietnamese government patrolled water, Phuoc’s ship had lost its way. It was at that point the captain decided to “take a chance on following a bright shining star,” said Phuoc.

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